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Prod. Code: Free Font

Crazy curls and doodles are what this font is all about. Polywog is a great all-capital letter font set that looks fun and curly with every word. The lower case letters are actually a curly arrows dingbat set. This is the perfect font to add to your collection for any project.

Polywog works great in both the Normal and Blackout cutting styles. The Shadow cutting style works generally well with the exception of capitals "E" "F" and "J" that disappear on Shadow setting 3. This can be fixed by simply changing to a different Shadow setting.  Generally, if you have an issue with fonts in a Shadow cutting style, reducing the effect will take care of most problems.  In other words, changing the setting from 3 to 2 or even 1. 

Click here to download Polywog


Courtesy Jeni Pleskow