SCAL 2 Customer Care

If you purchased SCAL 2 software, you have every right to continue using it with your Cricut and the following support links will be helpful to you.
You purchased SCAL 2 to use it with your Cricut (R)  Personal Cutter, Create, Expression, Cake or Cake Mini and you will be able to do so well into the future. worked with Craft Edge to ensure an easy, online system would remain in place to provide ongoing support for customers who might lose their serial number, experience a computer crash or replace their computer. The Craft Edge system lets SCAL 2 customers retrieve their SCAL 2 serial number and also download the SCAL 2 installer file for both Windows and Mac users.
 SCAL 2 is no longer available for sale. SCAL authorized resellers and affiliates cannot distribute SCAL 2 after May 27th, 2011 because of the Provo Craft & Craft Edge settlement. All SCAL 2 customers everywhere must use the Craft Edge online system.
Have you lost your SCAL 2 serial number?     
Get SCAL 2 Serial Number
Need to install or reinstall or SCAL 2 to your PC or Mac?
Download SCAL 2 for PC or Mac
Need to reset your SCAL 2 serial number because of a computer crash or activation problem?
Reset Your SCAL 2 Serial Number
Additional Helps
Because of bad information in chat rooms, some SCAL 2 users were concerned that the Cricut manufacturer could or would somehow alter their cutting system's firmware and prevent the use of SCAL 2 software.  This is not correct.  
You are the ony one who can change your Cricut Personal Cutter, Create, Expression, Cake or Cake Mini firmware. The firmware can only be changed by deliberately using the update firmware feature in Cricut Design Studio software. If you’re happily using SCAL 2 with your Cricut there is no need to update the firmware beyond the versions you see listed. 
  • Personal Cutter:  1.34
  • Create:  1.54
  • Cake Mini:  1.54
  • Expression:  2.35
  • Cake:  2.35
SCAL 2 and SCAL 3
If you own SCAL 2, you are entitled to receive the free SCAL 3 upgrade. Though SCAL 3 does not support any Cricut cutting systems, it does support a host of others. I would like to ensure you clearly understand the relationship between SCAL 2 and SCAL 3.
SCAL 2 and SCAL 3 are nearly identical programs.  SCAL 2 is designed to support the five Cricut cutting systems previously mentioned while SCAL 3 supports other cutting systems. This provides you with an excellent flexible path for the future. 
SCAL 2 and SCAL 3 are completely separate programs and will not interfere with each other in any way.  You can actually have both installed and running on your computer at the same time or just have one or the other running.  When you install SCAL 3, it is in a separate folder.
  • Installing SCAL 3 will not in any way change your firmware.
You do NOT need to install SCAL 2 to use SCAL 3 nor do you need to install SCAL 3 to use SCAL 2.  Again, they are completely separate programs.   The free SCAL 3 version is a download only.  You can make your own back-up by copying it to a CD or by using a low-cost USB drive also known as a flash drive.